Friday, 24 September 2010

Pinky Murphy's Fowey And The Eden Project!

Recently some of the Willow team took a trip to Cornwall to visit the Eden project.On the way we stopped  off at possibly one of the coolest cafes we had ever been in Pinky Murphy's in Fowey.

Decorated in everything surf retro and kitsch even with half done knitting that you could add to while you were there.We all had some really tasty paninis  and yummy drinks,and enjoyed the surroundings take a peek at some of the photos we took:

If you would like to visit Pinky Murphy's this is the website:

Then we went to the  Eden Project first we we visited the two biodomes which are amazing and there are some really pretty plants in them and it is incredible how hot the tropical dome is! We were thankful that halfway round we could purchase a tropical drink with coconut,pineapple,mint and a tropical fruit which slips my mind but it was very yummy!

When we had coffee in the cafe we learned all about pressing apple juice and in the Mediterranean  biodome we were told a story about the legend of the mermaid of Zennor by a very good storyteller.

All in all it was a great day and if you haven't been it is worth the trip.

Here are some more photos we took of the Eden project:

We loved this giant bumblebee!

How cute is this pig!
This sculpture was so clever, it was to show how much electrical goods an average person will throw away in thier lifetime!
I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip!

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Thank you Love Willow Team x

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